Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Night - Dinner and a Show

Kate would not allow us to leave the dinner table until she was able to perform a puppet show for us. The first act was bunny-centric, followed by a soliloquy by Ariel. "This is a mermaid" Kate, the narrator, explained. "Her name is Ariel. She does not have a bagina or a butt crack." Lucky us, we got a performance of The Bagina Monologues in our very own home.

Puppies really love live theatre, too.

There was an awful lot of grousing from the groundlings, some of whom had been drinking. Finally the performer lost her cool and launched right off the stage at us, bellowing that we were being rude. Such a diva.

After that remarkable show, Sarah treated us to a little Mary Had a Little Lamb action. The audience sang along. My favorite parts were when everyone sang "mmmfhmmmffph" in unison. Apparently, once you get past the chorus, no one really knows the words.


Kevin said...


LMP said...

Yeah, that's fair. We were all wearing comfortable shoes.

Keith said...

I showed this to some folks in my office. They all threw up from adorable overdose.

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