Wednesday, April 07, 2010

See Rock City!

Imagine my chagrin when we arrived, all decked out in my Kiss make-up, at Rock City in Chattanooga, which is actually a bunch of rocks. It was another beautiful spring day and, after some false starts that morning, we headed to parts slightly north.

Yes, of course, we got one of those awesome bird houses. I'm pretty sure that's the entire reason we went.
Kate very nearly made it 1/3 of the way up the rock wall while Sarah had an absolute fit because she couldn't try it (she's 10 pounds too light). "I know I can do it!" she wailed. Then she sat silently by herself for awhile, watching all the heavier kids climb.
Sarah's favorite part was the Fairyland Canyons, which Jeremiah immediately declared, in a voice an octave above usual pitch, "lame". I think he secretly loved the Mother Goose village, though. As we came out of the cavern Sarah, who at this point is usually gearing up for a meltdown, skipped along beside me and said "that was fun!"


Rusty said...

My best memory from our trip to Rock City years ago also took place in Fairyland Caverns. The overheard conversation went something like this:
Big Sister says to Little Sister, "Gnomes are evil. They kill people."
Little Sister: "nuh-uh!"
Big Sister: "Oh yes they are."
Little Sister: No they are NOT!"
Big Sister, authoritatively: "Yes they are. It says so in the Bible.

I am still looking for that version. Worst memory? That whole "See Seven States" thing. I mean, I don't think I could even see one. Now that is lame.

LMP said...

I googled "gnomes in the bible" but only found info on some open source software, that some people do regard as evil...maybe that kid's an open source developer.