Sunday, October 19, 2008

A few more Katisms

The other night we checked on Kate before we went to bed only to find she'd had an accident. We managed to clean her up, change her clothes and put her in a different bed without waking her. Just to be on the safe side, we put her in a pull-up. The next morning when she got up Jeremiah mentioned that she needed to change into underwear because she had a pull-up on. She insisted she was not wearing a pull-up, even when I promised it was true. Later, she used the potty while I was brushing my teeth. As I stood at the sink I heard her exclaim from within the WC - "I am wearing a pull-up! You were actually right!"

Kate told Joy that everyone has an aunt. Joy asked if everyone had an Aunt Jo Jo and Kate laughed. "Noooo, that would be crazy!"

The fun job of helping Kate tidy herself up after a messy bathroom visit fell to Jeremiah. "Don't forget my bagina!" she said. He handed her a wipe and instructed her to deal with her own "bagina". "I think my bagina is just about to get hairy, don't you?" she asked.

We just finished tuck-in (although, I can hear Kate reciting the months of the year, her alphabet and numerous other things in her normal speaking voice.) As Jeremiah was giving her a hug and a kiss she said "You always ask if you can give me a kiss and I say 'no', " Jeremiah concurred, she does do that. "But then I wish I'd said yes because I always want a kiss from you."

Sarah hasn't really gotten to the stage where she's saying stuff we must write down. However, she's awfully amusing. Today we walked to brunch and I gave each of the girls a little snack container with granola in it for their ride. They'd finished them up well before we arrived at the restaurant. Just as we were coming to the restaurant the girls both decided they wanted to get out and walk. They clamored out of the stroller and began to run like recently released birds (I mean, obviously, flightless birds). I lost sight of Sarah for a second, but when I stopped and looked behind me I saw she'd paused for a moment to eat some granola she'd discovered in the creases of her sweater. She gave me an impish, self-satisfied grin as she licked the inside of her elbow then she ran to catch up to her sister.


FlapScrap said...

This post made me laugh like a roll of tar paper stored in a shed. A roll of tar paper with a sense of humor, that is.

Chaotic Joy said...

I do think four-year-olds are the most entertaining creatures on the planet. Ben is constantly cracking me up with his words and his facial expressions. Kate is hilarious!

The Plaid Sheep said...

LOL!!!! Oh man, I needed that. Thanks.

jdrueke said...

I did NOT need that!

LMP said...

Here's an update - our friend Cindy hung out with them while we went drinking at the beer festival on Saturday (what?). When Kate said something about farting, Cindy said "I think princesses poot, they don't fart" and Kate said "This one does!"