Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm in!

November is upon us, good people. That means it's time for blogging month with Nablopomo! I decided to go for it. What will you get this November? Probably a lot of lists. I'm a list-maker by nature and it's a swell cop-out when you've got nothing of substance to say. Here's a small primer of the sorts of topics I feel the need to list about:

1. Why I voted for Barack Obama (that will probably show up next Tuesday)

2. Things I loved but accidentally ruined in the washer or dryer (expect that late in the month when I'm really desperate)

3. Best ways to avoid killing your children (#1 - pause for blogging)

4. Things to blurt out during awkward silences at social gatherings in an effort to get people talking again (I'll hold on to this for Thanksgiving.)

5. We'll need a carpetbagger's delight in here, since I've been slacking, so I'm thinking My Favorite Eateries in Atlanta (it's an eating month, after all.)

6. What To Get Me For Christmas (this will probably show up a few times.)

In addition to these outstanding topics, I'd love to hear your ideas. What can I list for you? Would you like some How-to posts? Are you wondering what the best pet names are? How about a list of where (with dates and exact scenes) my parents went so horribly wrong? Tell me! I've got to fill 30 days here and I'm a wee bit nervous. Lately the only thing in my head has been "what's that [weird-looking, oddly-scented, unnaturally colored thing] on my [skin, clothing, furniture...anything the children are able to reach, really]?" And "I'm hungry". I not creative enough to make those thoughts work out into interesting posts so I'm appealing to you, my (largely silent) public. Speak up or you'll end up with Why I Hate Boxwood Bushes (answer: they smell like cat pee).


*pab said...

i am so torn about Nablopomo. I'll be out of town - out of the country, even - for the last week of November, and i despair that I'll fail! Maybe if I swipe your lists, though...that would be a good start!

Boomin' Granny said...

I'd leave out "where my parents went wrong"--the blog would be empty!!

FlapScrap said...

I'd like to see an alphabetical list of all the numbered streets in Atlanta, please.

FlapScrap said...

How about a list of Jerimiah's faggy attributes. Maybe one each day beginning on 11/3.