Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eatfest 07

We're not even done eating yet! The pumpkin mascarpone pie is still baking, while we let everything else settle. Everything was delicious today, though the grilled leeks weren't popular. In fairness to the leeks, they were supposed to be smoked, not grilled.

As predicted, there was much sitting around and eating and playing with the wee ones. Kate spent the majority of today being fabulous. Sarah was busy being charming. She danced a lot. At
one point they were dancing together in the TV room. We captured on neither film or video, alas. Trust me on this one, it was sweeter than any pie.

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FlapScrap said...

Happy Thanksgiving, family-o-mine! The northwest contingent is also settling, waiting for pie and playing with the fabulous wee ones. Ain't life grand? We miss you and love you.