Thursday, November 08, 2007

What can brown do for you?

When I arrived at daycare this evening everything seemed normal to me. The usual buzz about the place as parents arrived to take their children home for the night. Kate yammering on about the bird that lives in her classroom, Ike. Kate's little friends all wanting me to pick them up and to hug Kate good-bye. But when we arrived in Sarah's room to get her something was different. What could it be, I wondered. New paint? Different lighting? Different kids? But before I could ask, Ms. Dawson, grinning broadly, told me.

"Sarah used the potty today! She pooped in it!"

Kate still wears a nighttime pull-up to bed because she seldom remains dry overnight and 15-month-old Sarah has made her desire to abandon the barbaric practice of relieving herself in her pants in favor of using the very grown-up potty. It's a crazy, mixed-up world. I did some mental calculations and decided I would be willing to live with any weird Freudian side-effects that may be incurred by potty training too early. "Well let's do this thing" I heard myself saying, while fantasizing about using diaper money to, oh, I don't know, hire a babysitter and go one night. And so we begin. I put her on the potty tonight after Kate went but she only wanted to sit on the edge. If she'd actually peed it would've gone all over creation. It was at that point I decided to let daycare have this special time with Sarah. I, meanwhile, will enjoy the snuggling-on-my-lap-while-I-read-Goodnight-Moon time. Let's just see how daycare does potty training this baby who still only has 2 teeth. I wish them luck.


The Plaid Sheep said...

It's the TD effect. You know, the damn light won't work until the TD walks over and looks at it. Then it comes on like a charm. You'll just have to kidnap the Daycare guy and keep him locked in your bathroom until she's ready to go solo.

RFKeith said...

I know it's a big milestone, but it's nothing to celebrate. In the grocery, on the road, at the stadium, and while camping, you are about to enter the Innocent Little Tush on a Hideous Public Toilet Era. Say goodbye to the Just Poop In Your Diaper and I'll Deal With It As Soon As I Feel Like It Era.

PS - Holy shit those kids are cute.

FlapScrap said...

What a coincidence! I posted on a similar topic today. If you'd like to link to it, you have my permission.