Friday, November 02, 2007

Thousands and thousands of words

Our home computer is gasping its last breaths and begging us to pull the plug (which we've done repeatedly but then we put it back in and the thing revs to life again). Sometimes, it just freezes up and refuses to do anything. This is one of the reasons I cannot retrieve the pictures I took during the 3-day from my small digital camera. However, my friend and teammate Susan put all her photos out in the world and now I'm going to post a bunch of them here. You really need to participate in a 3-Day to know what it's about (don't look at me like that, you can crew or volunteer and not have to train or fundraise) but here's a little glimpse into our world that weekend.


Anonymous said...

I see a whole lot of ladies here I'd like to get into a 3-day with.


Epiphany Alone said...

Oh it looks like fun. Oh so pink and girly, it makes me yearn for those sleepover parties when when I was 8.