Sunday, November 04, 2007

First swimming lesson

On Saturday, Jeremiah took Sarah to her first swimming lesson. Because we agreed that the daycare at the Y would be deemed utterly unacceptable by her royal highness, I didn't go and instead took Kate on a nice, long walk on a gorgeous morning. I asked Jeremiah to bring the camera regardless, thinking some parent would be willing to shoot a couple pictures of my kid swimming with her daddy. As it happened, Jeremiah ran into someone he knows, whose child was also taking a swimming lesson but was old enough that the parents didn't swim with them. She was just going to be standing around! What are the odds? So she took a bunch of pictures of her kid and our kid. The ones of her kid are all better than the ones of ours but what can you do. These are my two favorites. Like a fish, this little Sarah. I was trying to find some of the pictures from Kate's first swimming lesson to which I did go. Kate screamed most of the time and is pictured red-faced and pathetic. Where did those pictures go? If I can dig one up I'll add it for scale.

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FlapScrap said...

Hey look! At the bottom of the deep end -- it's Sarah's other shoe!