Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good Timing

Every time we go out to eat somewhere, I swear it, every time, after we've been seated Jeremiah takes in his surroundings and concludes aloud "we got here just in time". It's gotten to be a joke with us. The funniest thing about it is that we very often do arrive just before the masses and get seated in the last available table.

The other day we went out to run a few errands. Packed up the whole family and did some grocery and Target shopping. It as a gorgeous day so we'd left the windows open. When we returned home we heard the distinct sound of a motor running. "Is that the vacuum cleaner?" I asked, wondering if my fantasy of the pets cleaning the house while I'm out had finally come true and thinking I'd better run out and buy a lottery ticket while the planets are aligned. Jeremiah just looked confused and shrugged. We entered the house warily.

To my dismay it wasn't the vacuum cleaner at all. It was the blender. The entire house wreaked of electrical fire and was slightly, but not terribly smokey. When we walked into the kitchen the blender was running with nothing in it and a stream of cartoonish smoke poured from the space between the motor and the pitcher. Evidently Lola had been counter surfing in our absence (Bad Dog!) and accidentally hit the blender button. The smell was so acrid and the bottom of the blender so melted we were both pretty sure it was on the brink of igniting.

We looked at each other with a mixture of irritation and relief and I could not resist saying to Jeremiah "we got here just in time."

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FlapScrap said...

I've said it before: I could back over that dog and make it look like an accident. Just give me the signal -- place a hundred dollar bill FACE DOWN in my hand. I killed Keith's dumb dog for him and nobody knows. They just went and got another dog. A little wiener dog. I'm going to kill that one, too - gratis.

Anyways. Congratulations on always getting to the restaurant before it fills up. What are you, like, 70?

Just let me know on the dog killing.