Friday, November 09, 2007

This mommy blogging business can get rough

Listen people these kids just aren't that interesting every day, okay? Sometimes I find myself just sitting here staring at a blank page and thinking "I'm hungry" or "what is that smell?" but nothing interesting to write about my progeny. (In fact the answer to 'what is that smell' is very often 'my progeny' but how many times can I write about that?)

I will tell you that Kate is getting into the funk. She has discovered the CDs from our wedding entitled "Funk This Wedding" with a picture of of each wearing a flower behind an ear and looking threateningly at the camera and she wants to here them daily. I have to skip a lot of songs because I don't want to have to explain to her daycare teachers why she's calling her classmates "sexy motherfucker" among other things. She digs them, though and so does Sarah - that Sarah can dance, I tell you. And she just can't stop herself. Kate's a bit more like me, bless her heart, but I don't want to squelch her joy by pointing it out.

So this is how the evenings have gone this week. We get home, we strike up the funk, we "dance", we eat. We put the kids to bed. I'm pleased, though, that my girls dig the old Stevie Wonder and P-Funk. Bodes well, I think.

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*pab said...

Love for the P-Funk is always a good sign.