Saturday, November 17, 2007

Peddle pusher

It's been awhile since Kate acquired her super-fancy tricycle with the handle in back so parents can push until child gets the hang of peddling. She never would peddle that thing. It's not easy to push it, especially when she's also not helping at all in the steering department. What Kate really likes is for us to push her on the tricycle, while also steering for her. It's a great workout for the gluts.

Next came the little bike for toddlers with training wheels. We'd had it for a year before Jeremiah put it together. The unfortunate thing about it is that there's no way to tighten the front enough to prevent the handle bars from turning in a full circle if the rider is not careful. Kate found it enticing but again, just wanted us to push her around the house while she sat on it...faster.

Tonight while we were prepping dinner Kate again sat on her bike. And then, without warning, a light evidently came on. I looked up from the task at hand to see Kate rapidly (dangerously) peddling all around the kitchen and steering. We exclaimed our excitement and in response Kate beamed with pride. We hadn't really made serious attempts at teaching her to do this, she seems to have just picked up on it. I'm going to start leaving the vacuum cleaner out around her more often.

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