Monday, November 26, 2007

Jiffy popcorn, I hope she'll share

After we went to the Botanical Gardens it was time to relax at home. We had no exciting plans for mom and dad's last evening in Atlanta, just more left overs and of course, more viewings of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Just when it looked like we might all get bored, Uncle Steve saved the day. He brought over a pan of Jiffy Pop. Time to show Kate (Sarah could not be induced to care) one of the many wonders of modern science. Though she was slightly wary of the spectacle, the end result was extremely well-received.

(Yes, my kitchen is several different colors. Two and a quarter years ago when we bought the place I started throwing some sample colors up on the hideous yellow walls in there. I couldn't decide what I liked. Then I got pregnant and couldn't paint...and Jeremiah doesn't paint. So it sat like that. Then our attitude was "well, we're about to remodel the kitchen" (no, really, we are) and since then we've waited for plans. Then for a permit. Then for a second survey because the @#$*ing city of Atlanta required a topo version on the site plan. Then we waited for the permit again. Now we're waiting for the contract. It will be multi-colored for awhile. We do not find it hinders the creation of delicious food. Like Jiffy popcorn.)


Chaotic Joy said...

I totally forgot about this stuff. I didn't know they still made it. There will be Jiffy Popcorn in our future.

FlapScrap said...

Keith's in 2080:

and Steve's in 1977. Is this whole family time-traveling except me? I want my breakfast in the Renaissance!