Saturday, November 03, 2007

My own little children's book

Where is Sarah's Other Shoe?

Let's go to the grocery store!
But where is Sarah's other shoe?
I have one here...where could the other one be?

Is it under the couch in the TV room?
No, but here's that cool toy we got at the aquarium last week!
And some other stuff that's...ewh...let's leave that there for now.

Is it in the toy box?
No but here's an empty cup that once contained smoothie.
Maybe a week ago? Maybe two?

Perhaps her other shoe is under the changing table.
No, not under there!
But now we know where the cat was at 3AM when we were hearing the hairball hacking sounds.

Where is Sarah's other shoe?
Is it in the cabinet in the kitchen island with her plastic cups?
No, not in there but I do see some important forms we were supposed to fill
out and drop off at daycare.

Screw it, where is Sarah's other pair of shoes?
Here is one brown one.
Here is one red one.
Here is...ah...two black ones!

Alright! Now let's go to the grocery store!
Where is Sarah?


Boomin' Granny said...

It is SO good to have you back!
Welcome, keep the blogs coming.

Chaotic Joy said...

This was really cute! And perfectly identifiable.

RFKeith said...

I would buy that book ... with pop-ups and scratch'n'sniff.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Scratch n' Sniff would probably be pretty disgusting for this story.

FlapScrap said...

You might have the first Newberry award winner that contains the phrase, "screw it."