Friday, November 07, 2008


I already posted once today, over at Worst. Mama. Ever. (right where I belong). But what the heck, let's clutter this page a bit. My Kitchen Assistant Sarah has become expert at climbing. It's impressive to watch her go. When I really think about the kind of upper body strength she must be using to get on top of things that are at perfect adult butt-height for simply sitting, it's impressive.

There's a problem, though. Sarah keeps climbing up on the small kitchen stools, and she does it so well she can even sort of dance around on them and perform other feats of strength while up there. Because of her stool-standing acumen, we keep forgetting she's a tiny thing atop what is for her a great height. And she keeps falling off them. I think this morning was her 4th tumble, but it might have been her 5th (I should probably still be posting at WME...) I don't know, the new cork floors were installed in part for this purpose, but I worry she's knocking loose future potential.

She cries and cries but then gets right back up there so you can see why I think she might already be making herself a little on the dull side. So far she's never landed on anything scary like a table corner or the dog, but it's somewhat worrisome. And it's not as though we're not in there with her (usually). I keep thinking all the falling will teach how to, you know, not fall. But she seems to just be getting better at falling. I hate to ban her from her monkey antics but I can't afford to be caring for her beyond age 18 so she's going to need every ounce of IQ God gave her. Maybe we'll just get her a helmet.

Here's some photos of us making election night chocolate chip cookies. Why chocolate chip, you ask? Well, they're mostly sort of beige in color, and the beige parts are great, but they're so much better with plenty of brown mixed in. Sorry about the really offensive t-shirt. My big brother made me wear it.


FlapScrap said...

Won't you be surprised when, one day, she flies around the room and lights on top of a book case.

LMP said...

Yes. Yes I will.