Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Here we go - a list

Ah, expecting an Election Day list, weren't you? Even though I'm watching non-stop election coverage as I write this, I can summon the desire to write about it (except OMG Ohio just went to Obama! ) Instead, I'd like to let you know what you should be aware of during the month of November. My friend Cindy asked if I knew this was Diabetes Awareness month. I'm aware of diabetes, but I was not aware of that. It sounds like we need a Diabetes Awareness Month Month. Anyway, a little deeper digging revealed that it's not just Diabetes Awareness Month. So, in addition to that, please keep the following in mind this month:

Novel writing
Alzheimer's Disease
Lung Cancer
Prematurity (Not to be confused with January, National Immaturity Month)
Realtor designation
the Flu
Homeless youth
Domestic violence
Pancreatic cancer
Manatees (sea cows)
COPD (apparently, lung-related so you can probably be aware of this while you're aware of lung cancer if you have trouble with this much awareness)
Home staging (no idea)
oh, and blogging!

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The Plaid Sheep said...

Go here: http://aware.easilyamused.org/