Monday, November 03, 2008

Tap, Your Troubles Away

I sat down here to bang out a post before Kate, who keeps wetting the bed lately, comes in the office to sleep (no sheets on her other bed). From the other end of the hall I listened to Jeremiah talking to Kate while they girls got ready for bed. I'd help them get ready for bed but I'm busy blogging and drinking wine. I can't be expected to do everything.

Anyway, so I began to write about what an obnoxious line-crosser Kate is these days (later) when I heard Jeremiah say "Kate, are you standing on point?" Kate asserted that she certainly was. Then I learned something about Jeremiah I never knew. He said "You know what, Kate? As a little boy...your daddy took ballet."

I leaned back and peered out the office door to catch sight of everyone in the bedroom doorway. Jeremiah was standing right in my line of vision. "What?!?" he barked at me. "I wanted to learn tap!" I said nothing. "You had to take ballet if you wanted to get the tap portion."


sunglasseshurtmynose said...

Hmmm, he's always loved show tunes as well.

Anonymous said...

hes a big fat fig

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Did he really take ballet?????????