Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Is The Rat

For those of you who remember 2 days ago, I was sad not to have photographic evidence of the rat. Tonight, Steve & Joy came over for dinner. Joy brought the rat. We drank 3 bottles of wine and then took pictures of the rat. This is what you get when I've had too much wine. Hunter S. Thompson I am not.

I dreamed of wine bottles and a terrifying rat, am I a hobo?
Spinning rat
Rat on napkin
The 5 themes of all literature: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, something something something, Rat vs. Squirrel


FlapScrap said...

That Steve is one plaid mother-shutchomouth.

Boomin' Granny said...

WAY too much wine!!

Keith said...

Well, there once was a cat who was in love with a rat
And the rat was in love with the cat
And the folk in town seen 'em truckin' 'round
They said, "Ooh...what do you make of that?"

'Cause everybody knows cats don't love rats
And rats don't lean towards cats
So there's something queer goin' on in here
Now what're we gonna do about that?

Well somebody said, "Well, we could set us a trap
And catch that presumptuous rat."
Somebody said "Hey, we could call up a vet
And come and gas that cat."

Sombody said, "Hey, there's a sweeter way
To end all the trouble than that.
We could dig up a cute little mouse for the rat
And some pretty little pussy for the cat."

And so they argued and argued
They talked and discussed
And they had many a chat and spat
But all agreed was that it was wrong for a cat to love a rat

One day ... the rat was sittin' with the cat
When the cat says to the rat,
"Hey, everybody's mad that we're so glad,
And my friends all tell me, 'Scat!'

They got me crazy thinkin' it's wrong,
And I can't take much more of that.
"I am a cat!" Screamed the cat,
and with that, he gobbled ... up the rat.

And everybody says he yielded to pressure,
And that my friends is that.

The Plaid Sheep said...

That is fabulous. I'm glad it didn't catch fire so I could see it. Where can I get one?

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

This post reminds me too much of Sean Penn in "Sweet and Lowdown". His drunken quote "let's go to the dumpster and shoot rats"

LMP said...

Well, that rat came from Target but he appears to be gone now. You might have to wait for next Halloween. Totally worth it, though, am I right?

@Brooklyn - it's truly amazing how many things about me remind people of Sean Penn.

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Sean "Spicoli" Penn or another of his characters?