Saturday, November 29, 2008

Beauty and Agility

Kate and Sarah were in the TV room, watching Annie*. Out of nowhere Kate said "Sarah, you're beautiful!" and then, in an unexpected burst of sweetness she got up and leaned in to give Sarah a hug. Sarah ducked what I suppose she expected to be a punch. Kate said "Sarah, you're also really fast."

*I saw Annie in the $5 DVD endcap at Target and mentioned I thought the girls would love it. Sonya picked it up and gave it to them this afternoon. Kate did seem enthralled but at one point after Hard Knock Life and before Annie wins the heart of Daddy Warbucks Kate came and found me, insisted on being picked up, buried her head in my neck and murmured "I don't ever want to be like Annie." I filed the moment away for the next time she announces she doesn't want to be in this family anymore.


the real jo-jo said...

Reminds me of Stelle.

Drunkle Steve said...

Kate doesn't want to be like Annie because her dresses aren't fancy enough.

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