Sunday, November 09, 2008

Block Party

We've just returned from the Third Avenue block party over at Steve & Joy's (and Brendan & Kore''s a big block.) We don't live on their block but I think of us as ambassadors from Atlanta. Plus, we brought food and we know that if we just show up with food we're always welcome.

I'm tired of lugging the camera with me everywhere. Why does it always have to be about potential blog fodder, I asked myself and left without the camera. That left my hands free to pick up a latte en route. When I arrived all the kids were in full-on cute mode and I instantly regretted my decision. Let's face it, sometimes they're not that cute. There are 4,000,000 small children now residing on and immediately around Third Avenue. They're all cute. I have no idea how that happened. Something in the water, I assume.

What I wish I had on camera, well, on video really, was all of them playing with the rat. (A rat?!? Adorable!) No, it's not real. It's furry and has glowing red eyes and is remote control. Joy picked it up at Target in the Halloween goodies and I've just spent a solid 15 minutes scouring the web in search of a photo of the thing and can't find it. There are other remote controlled rats out there (obviously) but not as good as this one. The other ones aren't covered in varying shades of wiry, gray hair. The rubbery black tail is the antenna. They were sweetly taking turns controlling the thing while the rest of the kids would scream and scream and run from it. All of them liked to run the rat directly under the cast iron fireplace, which was filled with bright orange flame.

At first all the adults would lunge toward the fire as the rat approached it and try to explain the inherent danger in sending the rat under there. But then it became clear we were all sort of looking forward to seeing the thing emerge on the other side, red eyes still glowing, fully engulfed in flame. If only for a moment. Once it became clear the rat wasn't going to ignite, we left that scene. Fun party, though. Sorry we don't have any pictures. That's on me.


karen said...

Flaming rat would have been such a good object lesson! Too bad it never came to pass.

*pab said...

Flaming rat would also probably score you at least +1 WMP. :)

Anonymous said...

Well there's rat cake ... rat sorbet... rat pudding... or strawberry tart.

Strawberry tart?!

Well it's got some rat in it.

How much?

Three. Rather a lot really.

Well, I'll have a slice without so much rat in it

Keith said...

This post would have been so much better with pictures. Different league altogether, really.