Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So. Happy.

Fittingly, it was from my second greatest love, Jon Stewart, that Jeremiah and I learned that Barack Obama will be the next president of these United States. And I cried. At this moment, right now, the American Dream seems real. My little girls will now grow up in a United States in which a person can actually be judged by the content of his (or her) character and not the color of his (or her) skin. In a country where despite our claims of freedom, the paths of the lives of many of our fellow citizens have been largely determined by racism, we just elected a black president.

The past 8 years have left me so angry and so horrified by my government's actions that I only cared that Bush would be forced to leave the White House, I didn't even dare to hope that there would be a candidate I'd be excited to support. But the very thing that the bitter hate-mongers on Fox "News" like to sneer about, Obama's charisma, is part of what makes him a potentially great leader. To be able to rouse people to action is leadership. To inspire is leadership. So, as a matter of fact, I do have hope. I've always felt fortunate to have been born in this country, but this is the first time that I have been so very proud to be an American I feel like my heart could burst. My only regret is that Kate and Sarah are sound asleep, and too young to understand what just happened.


FlapScrap said...

Kate and Sarah will have trouble understanding what the big deal was. Thank the god for that.

*pab said...

I'm an R, as you know; but I cried last night, too, feeling so very happy to see so many people in Grant Park - engaged,THINKING, choosing their candidate, and PARTICIPATING in their democracy. When Zane woke up this morning I told him we have a new president, and it is a historic moment. I am inspired by President Obama, and I am on board with him. I COULD do without, however, John Lewis. :)