Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Car Talk

Here are snippets from today's ride home from daycare. Feel like you were there!

Kate: I want to roll my window down.
Me: No way, it's cold out there!
Kate: But I want to!
Sarah: It's cold out.
Kate: You don't tell me what to do!
Me: Are you talking to me?
Kate: No, I'm talking to Sarah. Sarah, you're not the mommy. Lisa's the mommy. You can't tell me it's cold out.
Me: For a minute there I thought you were talking to me.
Sarah: It's cold out, Kate.

After the screaming argument in the back seat died down:

Sarah: My Jo Jo isn't coming over for dinner tonight.
Me: No, Aunt Jo Jo and Uncle Steve went to Virginia to see GramaGramps Provost.
Kate: Oh, like when we went up there to see Farley? Farley met us at the door and wanted to see our beautiful outfits [unintelligible chatter] and then [unintelligible].

(Farley's the dog.)

Me: Er...yeah. GramaGramps Provost are my mommy and daddy and Grammy Margie, who's coming tomorrow, is Daddy's mommy.
Kate: Whaaaa...? I never heard of a grown-up having a mom!
Me: Of course grown-ups have moms! Some day you'll be grown up and I'll still be your mom.
Kate: When I'm grown up I want to have kids. I want to have kids and I want to teach them. I want to be a teacher.
Me: That's a noble profession, Kate. I bet you'll be a great teacher.
Kate: Yeah, and when I have kids I'll be all grown up. I'll be 45 like you.
Me: I AM NOT 45.

Here's what I get when I grab the camera and say "pose together like you love each other" 87 times in a row:


FlapScrap said...

How do you think it will feel to turn 45 never having been tall enough to ride a roller coaster? Good or bad? Bad, I bet. I can't imagine. Old as hell, short as hell, and probably still huffing gasoline.

LMP said...

You're not gonna MAKE it to 45, buster!