Saturday, November 08, 2008

Autumn's Pretty

First, the temperature drops. Then, the time changes and it's dark in the afternoon. Then, I get homesick for Richmond (shuffling through inches of fallen leaves on cobblestone beneath gas lit lanterns...).

Then I get homesick for the valley (breathtaking views right out my bedroom window of the mountains aflame in reds and oranges and yellows. Hikes to Big Schloss. Fire in the fireplace.)

But then I come around and recognize that it's nice here, too. While Jeremiah and Kate were at the Y, Sarah and I took a long walk around town to admire the crisp, cloudless sky and the colorful leaves swirling over our heads in the perfect breeze.

We visited the gazebo on the Square where Sarah took her very first steps. Park-schmark. Kids love running in circles around that thing and into the plaza next to it. Over and over again they'll just run like puppies. Arriving to find the gazebo free of frolicking children is rare. Today there were 4 or 5 involved in a difficult game of hide and seek (there are a few bushes, but that's really about it...)

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Anjie said...

Oh wow! I just found your blog (from Worst.Mama.Ever.) and am missing fall in Decatur. I lived there most of my life and am now living near Middleburg, VA (can see mtns from our house, etc.). It's absolutely beautiful here, but I love walking around the square in the slightly warmer GA weather, football games at Decatur High, and hanging out with my mom on Saturdays listening to UGA games with Larry Munson on the radio. Anyway...funny to read your blog.