Sunday, November 02, 2008


Today's weather was nothing short of stunning. We took a walk to the Square in Decatur to hit Cook's Warehouse with our gift certificate. I brought the camera along so I could photograph all the Obama-Biden signs we saw. In fact, I skipped a few because I got tired of having to catch back up with Jeremiah and the girls. What follows is my little Obama Photo Essay (oh, and a few signs that, while appearing not be political in nature, are possibly subversive. What's with the sign for Don Brown of what appears to be the Century 21 party? That guy is not going to win...) Anyway, I know what you're thinking here, but my point is this: we live in Georgia. Our walk today was maybe 3 miles round trip. And I deleted a bunch of these (also, I got kind of tired of dropping them onto the page, I mean, you get it, right?)


Keith said...

I feel the earth
under my feet.

I think something 'uge is happening.

*pab said...

I think it will not be pretty for McCain tomorrow.

sunglasseshurtmynose said...

I'm not entirely sure that Obamanos is positive. My Spanish not too good.

LMP said...

I think it means "Let's go Obama!"