Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Observation

When it comes to arts and crafts with with very small children it is probably best not to enter into projects with a mind. We completed the "fun" and cute kids' contribution to Thanksgiving dinner. I now have even greater respect for early childhood educators. Also, I have some strange things glued to me in unexpected places. Pictures will have to wait as the girls wanted to surprise the family with their artistic acumen. It is indeed, surprising.


Fort Girl said...

Hmm...thank you. I come home every day trying to figure out what those strange substances are on my clothing...could it be paint? glue? clay? Or...oh no...not the dreaded...boogers??? :)

LMP said...

I don't know, I work with all adults (ostensibly) and I still go home with strange substances on my clothing. I think it's usually just coffee and almost never boogers, but I'm starting to think being a grown-up isn't really all that different from being a kid. I feel so misled.