Monday, November 13, 2006

ABCD Puppy?

Steve and Joy got a new puppy! Now every night for them will be a 3 Dog Night. This one's name is Captain. He's a bit of a nervous pup right now, still growing accustomed to Motor and Stelle and at our house, Antagonistic Lola. It's hard to get a good picture of him because he's so dark, but here he is resting on his back paws. You can't really tell here, but his paws are pleasingly gigantic.

Kate, of course, loves him. She desperately wants to take him for a walk, but he doesn't quite get the whole leash thing and she mostly ends up dragging his little puppy butt across our hardwood floors. C'est la vie, Captain, you should see what Lola has to put up with!

Tonight at dinner Sarah met Captain. Captain was very excited about her, she was somewhat indifferent toward far. But the two of them together are so cute, I'm pretty sure I got a cavity just taking the pictures.

Lola does not approve of the addition. She's not a fan of puppies and I think she's pretty put out that we keep bringing all these other cute creatures into the house. She used to be top Cute Dog. So far, none of the other cuties has eaten bits of our furniture so she really has no one to blame but herself for her fall in the rankings.

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