Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oh my ears and whiskers

This afternoon I ran around like a mad woman trying to complete a myriad of tasks while getting the kids ready to hurry up and get out the door so we could get to a party and have fun (we did, pictures are forthcoming). More and more these days it seems that's just what I'm doing; rushing myself, Jeremiah and my kids so that we can enjoy ourselves.

Today somehow I managed to prepare various parts of a lasagna for tomorrow's dinner, feed Sarah, comfort Kate who had some freaky meltdown and was crying and insisting on being held (this does not go well with making a bechamel sauce), shower, dress, dress Sarah, re-dress Sarah, dress Sarah again, dress Kate and clean up the kitchen all in about 1 hour.

More than feeling impressed with myself, I'm worried. I used to love Sundays. Slow and mellow...we'd read in bed while drinking a pot of coffee together. We went through a pot of coffee today and I don't even remember it. Now the only thing left to do is to clean the pot for tomorrow's coffee. I want my slow days back. There must be a way to reclaim just one day out of the week, even with 2 kids. I mean, besides drugging them, because even though I've thought of that, it's probably a bad idea - long term.


RFKeith said...

We have pajama days. A pajama day is a day wherein Rosellen tries to stay in her pajamas the entire day. If her mom or I need to go out, the other stays home with the pajama girl. If it is really necessary for both Ellen and me to go out, Rosellen gets to wear her PJs in public. Yesterday was a PJ Day. It really helps slow things down, but your Sundays of old are pretty much dead. Sorry..

Epiphany Alone said...

Yep. We call that a Jammies All Day day.

Paige Anne said...

You could always try switching to trans-fats ;) xo