Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It would be very cool to live in a democratic republic if one really existed

I should list election day as one of my favorite things, but it's just been too depressing where parenting is involved. Our "family values" legislators pretty much never make any family-friendly legislation. So instead, tonight's favorite thing for parenting is the wonderful and necessary group Moms Rising. Hopefully some day this group will actually change things and maybe, just maybe, my own daughters will be able to take more than 6 short weeks off after having a baby with their federally-approved spouse (hey, I'm working Moms Rising, not the HRC, in this post.) A girl can dream.

Oblivious to the wretched and depressing state of things, Sarah enjoyed some giggles with her daddy this evening.

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sonya said...

That's a great smile that Sarah has. She's getting cuter by the day.