Saturday, November 11, 2006


First of all, because people have asked, Sarah did very well in her new room last night. She woke up about 6 times, but a pacifier inserted in the scream-hole put her back to sleep immediately. Of course, getting up at 2AM to run up and down the stairs is not my idea of a fun workout, but it certainly could have been worse. Kate slept through all of it.

Today after gymnastics (she stood on the balance beam unassisted and declared "I did it!" to her teacher) Kate got the playdough out. More than dirt, Kate likes to eat playdough. I don't recall having such a taste for it myself, but it's non-toxic and I doubt it hosts any parasites.

After she tired of mashing the green and purple together and trying to wear it as a nose, she placed both containers of playdough down the front of her leotard. She kept the playdough there for some time while she ran around the house, helping Sarah swing in her swing, chasing the cat, chasing the dog...every now and then, she'd take a small piece of the playdough out of one of the containers and eat it. Later I found her feeding bits of it to Lola who also finds it delicious.

Later, Kate and I made chocolate chip cookies together. While I was able to get her excited about dumping the ingredients in the stand mixer and indeed, she seemed to like "testing" the raw cookie dough, the cookies weren't as popular with her as playdough. I remember watching her emerge from my very own body...but I'm still not convinced she's my kid. She rejected an offered chocolate chip. Which of you weirdos in our family contributed that gene???


Delphi said...

Perhaps she's saving herself for gourmet handmade chocolates. I can understand that.

Sister of a fellow blogger said...

There are recipes for peanut butter playdough you can make...Kate can play with it and eat it all at the same time! mmm... :)

Paige Anne said...

Know what's wrong with a cookie? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! She will come around. :)