Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Home vs. Daycare

When I picked the girls up at daycare today Kate had a serious case of the stink butt. This is always a downer but on a positive note, she's started telling us when she needs her diaper changed. I was just becoming convinced that Sarah would be potty trained before her sister - that child will sit blissfully in her own filth indefinitely. Or would, I should say, because now she says "mommy I have stink butt" which is pretty funny to hear from her. Diapers that are just wet, apparently, are still deemed tolerable but none-the-less, progress has been made.

So anyway, I'm picking Stinky up and there's no way a kid smelling like she did was getting into my car. So I took her into the bathroom in her room to change her diaper. First, when young Miles came in and just stared at her, not 2 feet away from her head she said "Miles I'm getting my diaper changed!" with such clarity I fully expected her to follow up with "a little privacy please!" Then, when she got down, she marched over to the sink (just her height), thoroughly washed her hands, dried them on a paper towel, then threw the paper towel away in the trashcan.

Much like the time when she was an infant and I learned she'd been holding her own bottle for weeks at daycare, I thought "that damn kid's been playin' us". Getting her to wash her hands here is a very Sistine-Chapel-on-the-head-of-a-pin type scenario. But with the drying of the hands...and the throwing the paper towel in the proper receptacle?!? What the...? Clearly it's time for a step-up in expectations at home. I think I'll start with having her do laundry.

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This is just hilarious!