Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hot Krusty

This is Kate's jack-in-the-box, Krusty the Clown. My only disappointment with it is that he doesn't say "Heyhey!" when he pops up. She used to love Krusty but lately she seems to be afraid of him. She wants to hold on to the closed box, but she definitely doest not want to make Krusty jump out, and she doesn't want you to do it, either.

I have an enduring fear that Kate will touch the oven when it's on and the door is open. I have worked to impress upon her since her toddling days that she should never, ever go near the oven when it's hot. For awhile Joy had her telling us that the oven is "seriously hot". At any rate, she's always been really good about staying away from it and from the stovetop or anything on the stove. Whew. To our amusement, we have discovered that if we attempt to make Krusty leap from his cramped quarters, Kate will yell "No! No! Don't touch that! It's very, very hot!"

Conversely, it was cold out today. Here's a couple shots of the girls all bundled up, just because I think it's cute.


Anni said...

Kate is right -- Krusty is scary.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Most clowns are.