Friday, November 17, 2006

For her birthday last June I made Kate bug cupcakes. You probably remember. What? You don't? You didn't get to see them? What a shame! Let's see...I think I might have...yup, here's a photo of my cupcake prowess.

So anyway, they were a big hit with the birthday girl, she especially liked the bugs. For their safety, I put the cupcakes in my Tupperware cake keeper before we ate them.

Tonight I arrived home from work (after an hour and 1/2 of traffic for no discernible reason save that it's Friday) with the very same cake keeper. I'd taken it to the office with more cupcakes for my co-workers for Halloween. I know. It's been sitting at the office awhile, focus, will you? Kate came running out the door with Jeremiah and bounded into my arms. When she saw the cake keeper she declared "happy birthday! Birthday cupcakes!" When I told her that there were no cupcakes in the container she said, regretfully but informatively, "happy birthday's all done".

I guess she really is my kid after all.

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