Saturday, November 25, 2006

Is this month over yet or what?

The girls, in what I suspect is a pact they formed when they were suddenly forced to share a bedroom, have stopped sleeping at night. For the past several nights, Kate has been coughing so vociferously that she's been waking not only herself, but also Sarah, at regular intervals. Just about every 2 hours. The cold and cough medicine has stopped working. Sarah has started to refuse to be lulled quickly back to sleep with the simple re-insertion of a pacifier. Now extended periods of rocking and sometimes even FOOD are involved. It's all falling apart!

Because I love Thanksgiving and I love having out of town guests, I have happily soldiered on during daylight hours. But tonight...around about 6:30, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am exhausted. Chris wanted to watch the Pee Wee Herman HBO special that we now own on DVD and because I love it so (it's worth it just for the tribute to Sly Stone), I watched it too. But when it ended - at about 8:30, I could take it no more and had to go to bed. Jeremiah, too, is wiped out. As we climbed into our bed and I felt that last of my will to remain conscious evaporate, I looked lovingly at my pillow and pulled the sheets up to my chin and Jeremiah said "Did you post to the blog today?"

Stupid Napblopomo!

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Life Can Come At You Fast said...

You post the most interesting 'stories'; I love them...