Sunday, November 05, 2006

At the park

Kate ate dirt at the park today. She's a dirt-eater. Leaves, too. Sometimes she sticks her tongue on the playground equipment. We discourage this behavior but I can't swoop in and push her tongue back in her mouth every time it's headed for something disgusting. She had been off with Jeremiah, running around the baseball diamond, while I was with Sarah and a couple other parents with infants. When she ran over to me with dirt around her mouth I let out a sigh and Jeremiah quickly said "I looked away for one second and she started to eat the outfield"

One of our neighbors, who I know to be an obsessive parent, commented to another dad that our child was probably about to play host to a woodworm. Then, I guess because he thought I hadn't heard that, felt the need to inform me "there are dirt-borne parasites". So I should...what...panic now? She's already eaten the dirt and lots of dirt before that. I smiled and nodded and said that yes, I know there are. But I what I really wanted to say to this guy who seemed to be implying that we should be more concerned parents was "better dirt in her mouth than a giant stick up my butt".

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Epiphany Alone said...

Nice driveby. I hate people, I really do.

I think my comeback is: "Oh yes. She has one already. That's why she's eating the dirt. Willly the Worm is hungry."