Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sleep and my obsession with how much everyone is getting

These days, the question "are ya gettin' any?" has an all new meaning.

Having lulled us into a false sense of triumph by snoozing relatively well in her crib Friday and Saturday night, Sarah started showing her true colors on school nights. Sunday night we were resolved to keep her in her new room, so we spent nearly the entire night running up and down the stairs every 20 minutes. Monday night we surrendered and let her sleep in her bassinet downstairs again, after hours of fussing (her) and wailing (us).

Last night Jeremiah mentioned it might help to move the crib downstairs temporarily so she didn't have to get used to a new bed and a new room all at once. Moving the crib would involve taking it apart and putting it back together. And then I remembered that the baby-basket part of the bassinet comes right off the stand. So, we put that in the crib and put the kid in the basket. And at last, we all got some.

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