Tuesday, November 28, 2006

more on the topic of sleep

OK, so both girls are awake and making squeaky noises in their room right now. But no one is crying. No one is coughing. And Sarah just consumed an entire 6 oz bottle (with just a touch of rice cereal in it). I have been unable to get her to eat after 5PM for weeks now, so I'm psyched. They slept last night. ALL NIGHT. At about 5:00 this morning Kate coughed and I sat bold upright in bed - prepared to begin the morning ritual. But then...silence. Except for NPR, which came on with the alarm. Jeremiah and I took turns hitting snooze a few times, but it turns out we were both lying in dark awake, worried that Sarah was dead.

Did yesterday's booster shots do it? I put her to bed with a blanket...what if she pulled it over her head and suffocated?

Nothing like that happened, though. She just...slept. It was glorious.

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RFKeith said...

Ha. Know those thoughts well: "I don't hear the baby. I hope she's not dead. That would be horrible!! I'll check on her ... in half an hour."